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Why Lagos, Nigerian Populations Keep Increasing Daily And The Reasons For The State Development.

Why Lagos, Nigerian Populations Keep Increasing Daily And The Reasons For The State Development.
In Nigeria, the most central place most citizen things of going for each a business or to start a leaving is Lagos, Nigeria.
The state has it gradual and daily development in all aspects, this lies on the taxes, both from individual or government money/fund used in establishment of the state.
Lagos is the heart beat of Nigeria, before the distribution of any valuable items in the state, coming from abroad, it has to pass through lagos, which have the international airport where goods or things can be accessed before going round the state for safety purpose.
Due to this process, Lagos population is rising daily by thousands, and I strongly believe, we have at least 100 of people from different states and neighboring country who have migrated to Lagos as of today.
The large population of lagos is one most incredible thing the state government keep imagining, because in 10 years time that censor will be carry out, you will discover that, the number of people counted 10 year’s ago has increased by at least ×3 of that of the past years.
To me, this shouldn’t be a much thing to worry about, this is happening because of the high rate of development going on in the state, the good environment and facilities around, everyone want to feel it as well.
Lagos on it own, has houses all and most of the good and well standard events centre as well as our celebrities, not that other state don’t have, they do but lagos rule over them because of the name and number of daily activities going on in the state.
In my last hangout, in a discussion going on & over in that garden, I over heard someone saying, Lagos population is increasing because it favours most business owners and help them earn more incomes out of their businesses.
Hearing this, I began to think if the business owners are the ones importing those people or they came in by themselves, I quickly came to conclusion that, this people migrating into the state are mostly business people.
Business moves in busy environment, and Lagos State is one of the most populated and busy area most business owners think or comes in to make more income and earning, because the have a target audience they are looking for.
The star has recently become more choke and give no space, because of high rate of masses been feeling in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly as well, making it more expensive, like houses, tax and others important bills to increase it cost due to this range.
Although, this increase has been coming gradually before now, it has reached a point where it can’t be stop, and this has becomes a favour to all the business men in that state, the high rate of masses, the high rate of goods, but in minor business and others well standard business too.
Doing business in Lagos can quickly skyrocket you to the world, but the truth about the state is that it very much and expensive to live in, this hasn’t affect or stop citizens of other countries or state to migrate to Lagos, it the centre of Nigerian, where most activities in the country is been carry out.
Lagos crowd has made this easy as well, in the past year’s when lagos populations wasn’t this much, Lagos then have low rate of development, compare to this time that we have much competitors all around the state, mostly in real estate building that has as well made the state system one of the best in Nigeria.
Moving forward to some places like “Ikoyi”, that is one of the most expensive place to live in Lagos, the houses and rent in that environment speaks millions and on, but yet a lot of people still fine chances to live in this environment, although it a well secured environment, with much and better facilities compare to many places.
In Lagos, there are some affordable places to live in as well, the most costly area I have noticed since my year’s in the state is Lekki, because of it name and has really gained much population with different businesses and events around which automatically skyrocket it costs and make it more expensive then.
Lagos alone is larger than some Africans countries which I will not mention names, it houses about millions of people, and remember I told you of the rate which keep increasing by daily, or yearly, this is now recognized as the standard of lagos due to this passing through to process and it kind.
A lots of business exchange all round in the country is now done in Lagos, more populated the state, the more expensive, luxurious and good business ground the state is gradually becoming as well.
The state development keeps flowing because of it high rate or massive population in the state that has made many businesses grow, and most of those development are coming from tax paid by the state occupants.
Business like “Hotel, Real Estate” business are mainly those widely done businesses that has much effects of development on Lagos Nigeria, this fetch more money or cash, but not in faster rate, housing a d hotel developed Lagos state and more it beautiful as you see today.
Some businesses done outside the state are been transfer to Lagos fir distribution and so on.
The total imagination about Lagos increase in population, lies on future building which in 2025, it will be more thank we expected, as far as there’s much and fast development in the state,
Rate of business will increase as well, this will definitely results to huge tax payment compare to 2021 that we are now.
It’s has becomes the regular part or system of the state, it accurate logistics which is also directly helping the government of the state to fetch more funds or money
The high rate of the population, brought about the establishment of “Toll Gate”, the money generating road with approximation of at least 40 million earning per day for the government.

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