We hopes for better future, See Human imagination on how the world may looks like in the nearest future. – 042jam
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We hopes for better future, See Human imagination on how the world may looks like in the nearest future.

We hopes for better future, See Human imagination on how the world may looks like in the nearest future.

We hopes for better future, See Human imagination on how the world may looks like in the nearest future.

Human imagination on how the world may looks like. This has been one of the major and daily thinking of every human with the assumption that in the close future, the world will be more better up than the present world now.

Yes in my own opinion, i think the world is going to be a good better place maybe in the next 20 year’s more to come due to the quick development of technology and the enlargement of men in the skills of making thing’s more easier.

Human have however, predict the world to be a beautiful paradise right from the time of we using animal as a form of transportation of goods and human from one place to another.

Although no one has been able to get the clearer picture of how it looks, but still in continue assumption of everything, untill maybe some day when human thinking will finally reflect out or come to reality as been predict right from the beginning.

Mainly our parents who have exhausted their own living here on earth, they Normally said your tomorrow will be better up than today, this believe sounds there’s a brighter bridge or future in which many doesn’t see.

Like seriously to my own assumption, I don’t think 2050 will be similar or the same like the present days or future here. The year could be a time where, let me just say cars for example will have nothing relating to maybe fuel, electrical fault, or probably not moving on the land anymore.

Yes this prediction may come to pass, because already we have some flying cars and a converted water yartch existing in some countries with quality or standard development.

Human main reasons for this is because, during the 80s, our forefathers back then uses animals as form of transportation, either human being or goods to where there are most needed.

But in some cases this form of using animal as means of transportation, has a lots of disadvantages and advantages,
below are some few advantages and disadvantages of using animals as form or means of transportations.


1. Delay Of The Goods Availability.
As you can see, let just say you are giving 24 to made available an important goods from maybe from China to Nigeria (Mind you is just and assumption). Before that goods will arrive at the point where it is needed maybe the events or the person who need it, is also died.

2. Slow Services.

In those olden days, if you run a transportations company using animal as means of movement, there’s no assurance that you will deliver or meet up with the person or company demand because of the means you are using.

3Time Needed Not Assured.

Then when you are passing out messages or delivery goods or items, you don’t assure your customers when the goods will be available because the means of the transportation is very limited come to the present generation now which where way back predicted by our forefathers.

After showing you some few tips of the about how the future prediction could be maybe in the next 30 year’s to come with some disadvantages, where are pleased to also show you the advantages which you may need to know.


  1. Save Transportation of goods.

With the olden ways of transportations using animal as means of it, goods are very safe from the location where is been made to the point or destination where it is need, compare to the present means of fast transportation which may not reach it destination.

2. Less Charges.
Due to it slow movement of goods, the charges are not high compare with the current ways of transportating goods which cost a lots of dollars or naira before it can be carried out. If the current prices of transportating Items from China to Nigeria is ten thousand naira with the new age, the olden form could cost just 2 naria to do that. That’s just the only different in this category.


After aligning accordingly this reasons for you, as you continue to read deeply you will still fine out that the future is not only going to be different or easier, but things that exists now may not be existing then or it will be upgraded due to the new world change.

That’s why we used in the sentence, transportation as an example to enlighten you more about how the future is going to be or becoming soon.

I don’t know yet, but according to the prediction, they maybe a free lifetime browsing or free internet, this is not because of hardship or anything as you may think. But because of the continue growth in technology and technical skills.

Lest move backward to when phone was established as fast means of communication, to show you how the future is changing through the help of technology. In the past years, before you can think of reaching out to someone in abroad, you will have to write and package a letter then summit to a post office, an agency who distribute items to different location of the world. But now a cell or smart phone has made it easy with just a test message you can reach some in thousands miles with just a click.

Have you seen the different ways technology has being change to us, that’s the future we are talking about. Maybe in 2030 you can just pull out your hands and reach out to someone who’s in abroad, who knows.

The present technology or things we enjoyed from 1914 till date where predicted by our parents in the past, and it came to pass just like the way we are predicting ours today, as well.

Even though the power is not in our hands to manufacture those stuff, the more we predict in our mind the more a person who produce or contribute to the future development is getting at least 20 percent of our thinking to used in building those stuffs.

Just like a music artist, after you put on air your music or song, you will fine out that someone else where have a similar lyrics to yours and you will be surprised how it happened.

That’s the future assumption and prediction, it meet with each other. And this is the greatest contribution of a man to future and technology if I may say.


Future prediction or what human think about the future will definitely come to pass but not through the person, maybe some which think something similar to him or her.

As believe in our mind, by 2030 the future will seemed more different than the way it is now, no doubt about it, this happen during the time of our great parents.

Transportation will become more easier than the way it is now, the manufacturer may produced a fast moving jet which will use maybe just 1 hour from Nigeria to United States of America.

It all prediction and assumption for now, but it may come to pass on a good day that no one expect, it’s future assumption.

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