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Two Pandemic That Shut Down 2020, Nigeria And The World.

Two Pandemic That Shut Down 2020, Nigeria And The World.
Today, I have decided to take everyone back to 2020, a year that comes in differently in which everyone of us had to experience a total lockdown and the first pandemic to embrace the surface of the world.
 It looks everyone has quickly forgotten about this year, it just a year old now and hardly remember everything that just happened, maybe because we are now free to go out and carryout out daily activities.
The outbreak of coronavirus, a deadly disease which lead to many life lost was first confirmed in January 2020 in China, having it spread gradually to others countries of the world that same month except Nigerian which experienced it first case or outback in 27 February 2020, the following month of the year.
Coronavirus outbreak is a history that may later appear in some colleges or high institutions courses, to enlighten and create a page which our children will learn from and know what happened in the year 2020 that lead to life lost and total shut down of the universe.
Some numbers of dead cases were confirmed from different countries of the world, in other to stop and prevent these diseases from spreading all over the world, World Health Organization (WHO) orders the shut-down or international airport and others means of traveling.
Most countries started the supply of needs to various home while this pandemic were still on, the government of each country of the world tried their very best to make sure none was kept hungry during the lockdown.
This lockdown lasted for 3 months, no movement, every social places where locked following the instructions from the government, to help prevent or stop the spreading of coronavirus.
Some countries citizens lamented about this sudden locked, asking for the needs which really pushed the government into provided home necessary needs like food, so the citizens won’t be starved felt bad during the locked period.
I can say this pandemic also brought changes to our various communities, this was when we learned about the habits of keeping self distance and using of noise mask in protecting ourselves while in public places.
It drives in two various ways, help us learned some tips and defense, also make us to understand the value of we saving a little out of our earnings.
In Nigeria the lockdown started in March, but the first case was confirmed on February 28, from an Italian citizen who works in Nigeria and returned from Milan, Italy to Lagos, Nigeria on the 25th of February 2020.
Immediately his arrival in Nigeria, he was taken to self-isolation center where he was confirmed to be a coronavirus victim, which means the first case which happen to occurred in Nigeria during the pandemic was brought in by a foreigner who works in the state.
This is how it all started, as we aligned on Two Pandemic That Shut Down 2020, Nigeria And The World, we make our conclusion here on coronaviruses while move down to LekkiTollGate.
Coronavirus was a worldwide spread disease which affected the whole universe, while LekkiTollGate is a pandemic that occurs only here in Nigeria but also called on the attentions of others countries of the world for a help.
Nigerian gained an independent in 1st October 1960, where he begins to rule and control all what belongs to them starting from that year.
From 1960_2021 which this article was written makes it exactly 61 years that Nigeria had an independent, but things seemed not to be the way the citizens wanted or should be.
The killing and lost of some citizens’ life’s in LekkiTollGate comes after the people of Nigeria and various state of the country protest against the brutality of government official owned forces known as Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) which was established by Simeon Danladi Midenda a retired police Commissioner in late 1993.
This force where bring into existence in other to fight Crime, Robbery, Car Theft, and some others crimes in the state, but later after the retirement of the found Midenda, they diverted from their assigned duties to start harassing young Nigerians (Mostly The Youth).
It’s so hard for the youth it handles, some shares deadly encounter with this people saying they are no more protecting but killing us, a proof has been on social media severally showing how some SARS officials could shoot and kill innocent souls for no reasons.
Gradually, the people couldn’t take it anymore, it’s not only happening in a particular state but all round Nigeria, this was the reason and protest against them tagged as “End SARS”.
When the protest started, it was going out smoothly without fight or bloodshed until 20_10_2020, a day every Nigerian child could remember even in history where some unknown gunmen in army uniform storm the protest ground and killed some undisclosed numbers of Nigerians.
From this day, it became so terrible to walk or go around in the country during this pandemic, because the youth have been provoked, and they decided to replay back with the lost lives by destroying properties owned by the government and burning down of various police stations in the state.
LekkiTollGate has it clearer prove and videos, it was stream life during the shooting, those killed during the incident where those freedom fighters holding Nigeria Flag, but where all shot dead.
A Nigerian disc jockey, female entertainer Obianuju Catherine Udeh whose stage name is DJ Switch streamed everything life, which the world watch from her handle, but the government later denied of knowing nothing about the gunmen that storm LekkiTollGate to take life’s of the people.
LekkiTollGate was established by former lagos state Governor Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu who ruled Lagos State from 1999 to 2007 and simply identify as Jagaban of lagos.
In 2020, these are the two Pandemic that hit Nigeria and the world, one of the most popular among this two is the coronavirus that leads to worldwide death and life disease infections.
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