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The Services Of The Manufacturer, Whole Seller And Retailer In Nigeria.

The Services Of The Manufacturer, Whole Seller And Retailer In Nigeria.

The Services Of The Manufacturer, Whole Seller And Retailer In Nigeria.

This has to do with the feed of production of any kind of goods, the three mentioned persons in the feed plays a huge rules when it comes to distribution of goods to meet the needs of the people.
We will be discussing on the needs and the necessity of this three persons and their services, their benefits and the reason why we all should count on them here in Nigeria.
On this feed the most watch out person is the manufacturer, without them we can not carry out any means or forms of good transaction within or outside the state / country.
When we talks about production, let me use the common known which is the food to deliberate on, out of this topic, this help gives the manufacturer a better meaning because in the cause of production they are the main persons we look up to.
In food production, the manufacturer plays the huge rules starting from the point in which the food is extracted from the ground and to when it fully ready then pass to the second person in charge who will make it available for the third person.
 Manufacturer has always been the reasons why we have goods in the county, they go along way in other to carry out this service, apart from converting raw material into finish goods, they are all we need at the first place.
When you think of goods, your first thoughts should be on those people who contributed to the items production and this comes the manufacturer and others which follows along so the manufacturer should be our first thoughts when thinking of production.
They convert raw materials into finish goods and send it down to the whole seller, but we are coming to that soon, manufacturer is the first to count on.
After everything is done, they will pass it down to the whole seller serving as the second in charge, and the person involved in distribution of the items to various locations to meet the third person who will carry out the final distribution before it get to the consumer.
Sometimes people asked how does the whole seller act as second person in this feed, they are the ones responsible for any availability of goods or Items in the society or here in Nigeria.
After the manufacturer may have finished producing all the goods or Items, the can’t go out themselves to make it available in different locations, the whole seller who by from them act 50 percent on this feed while the manufacturer act 30 percent then the retailer who make it available to the final consumer act 20% percent.
Wholesaler buy in 100 percent bulk from the manufacturer and sell 8 percent in bulk to the retailer, this is the circulation of goods all round the states, this three people are important here in Nigeria because I don’t know how others country handles their forms of production.
 Retailer does not buy goods or Items direct from the manufacturer, they wait for the services of the wholesale, because they wholesaler is responsible for most distribution of goods going on in the state or country and people who purchased in bulk most times feel good going directly to the wholesaler than the retailer.
You can’t have the services of the first one which is the manufacturer without passing through the services of the second one which is the wholesaler, as we all know they both work hand to work to make this service a successful one without any delay.
When it comes fully to the retailer, this are set of people that are mainly in distribution of goods or Items, after passing through the production process from the manufacturer, it goes down to the wholesaler whole send it service direct to the retailer and ready to distribute to the final consumer.
Retailer buy’s from the wholesaler and make it available to the consumer, the final stages we meet in terms of production and they are the main reasons why production been made because they have always needed the services.
Although, it a stage process from the manufacturer to the wholesaler and to the retailer, the second to final process in production.
After all this process, the consumer stand a chance of benefiting more from the production because the manufacturer and the wholesaler work according to their desire, request, wants and needs.
The appreciation after all is going back to the manufacturer, but it has to be confirmed by the consumer to make sure it meets their need and expectations as the all seek at first place.
In Nigeria, this 3 persons or categories have that common characters which allowed or let them work hand to hand or in person just to fuel the needs of the consumers.
Let look at some few things been done by the listed categories
1. Manufacturer
The manufacturer is responsible for the act or converting a raw or natural material into finish goods.
This category in production offer’s the highest form of it, because most of the activities of converting things are been done by them.
2. Wholesaler
After the converting of raw material into finish goods by the manufacturer, the wholesaler is responsible for the huge distribution of those goods or services.
Their services as well is very high, at least 80% second to the manufacturer and the sell in bulk to the retailer for consumption.
3. Retailer
The second to final man in terms of production or services here in Nigeria, this set of people or categories after buying in bulk from the wholesaler make it more easier for the consumer by selling it in single to them.
Their services are super amazing, because consumer look up to them even more than the manufacturer and the wholesaler.
The Services Of The Manufacturer, Wholesaler And Retailer In Nigeria, is a topic that explains how goods or services are been distributed to get to the final consumer.

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