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See Reasons Why Nigeria is listed or counted among top most used cars country in the world

See Reasons Why Nigeria is listed or counted among top most used cars country in the world

See Reasons Why Nigeria is listed or counted among top most used cars country in the world

Before I proceed, we are going to know the main reasons why Nigeria is listed or counted among top most used cars country in the world. Firstly, I will like you to be enlighten or know that as of 2020 the total population in Nigeria is 206,139,589.

With the population above, do you think the are some particular amounts of cars that can satisfy or be enough for this numbers people or population in the country (Nigerian)?.

This increasing of figures has been the main reasons while Nigerians adopted the habit of buying or importing much cars into the state from others countries. Infact looking at things from all angles, Nigeria has the highest form of road traffic, if not fourth at least fifth to others countries of the World.

Unlike our celebrities, or well to do people in the state, a lots of them has their different ways of movement, most of them adopted the habit of buying new or upgraded version of every cars and importing them into the country, and with this reasons, Nigeria has been among the top countries of the world with cars consumption.

To me, I feel Nigerians pay ahead to have or acquired every version of new cars, because it’s very easy to see a new or latest version of every car been imported into Nigeria. I can assured that as we gradually approaches 2021 in few days from time, we already have some new version of each cars in the country, starting from this period of december down.

Although this has never been any bad idea for Nigeria occupying the position of most driven cars country in the world. The more we adopt this partner of lifestyle, the more things are done in just a second. In assumption, where you are to arrive in 1 hour with a public transportation, with your private owned car, you will be able to arrive that very place or point in less time.

Cars is one of the most used form of longer transportation, I won’t say Airplane because not everyone can afford to go with it. But with car you can go a long way within the country or neighboring country in just hours of drive. This has been the main reasons while Nigerians has taken more options in buying cars, having the upgraded version just to satisfy it needs.

like I said before, it never a bad idea, but what has advantages actually or also has it own disadvantages. Now after going through the above tips, now we are to look into the advantages and disadvantages of having much cars in the country (Nigeria).

In particular, the more cars we have in the country, the more slower movement or traveling issues within the country we could be having due to much delay and ways of satisfying others. For example, a road that has 5 moving cars serve better than a road that has 10 to 15 moving cars. The advantages here very clear compare to the disadvantages.

Below is the disadvantages of having much cars in Nigeria, reading this very line will enlightening or touch you more about the two different categories.

Advantages Of Having Much Cars In Nigeria.

1. Movement: If each Nigeria has his or her own car, movement of goods, things or person from one destination to another will be very easy. This is because the time spend waiting for available car will reduced and you will be able to do things in just a closer range.

2. Hired: Yes it already adopted to our system that we can’t do Without car if I may say, a lots of people has driven attentions in using this for a business as a hirer to make more and extra cash. Mind you even as many as car availability in Nigeria not all can afford to buy, that’s why most rent to move too.

3. Save Time: Much availability of car in Nigeria has recently helped thousands of people to save them from been stuck in some point. This has also help company to serve there customers better than before. There no company in Nigeria that doesn’t has car if not the newest version but at least good conditional one that help them carry out daily activities.

After aligning to you the advantages of why Nigeria has much cars in the country, we have arrived this point where we are tell you also the disadvantages of it.

Disadvantages Of Having Much Cars In Nigeria.

1 Traffic: Currently this has been one of the major problem of in the State (Nigeria), much traffic and longer time spend on the road why on a journey to a far destination. The much importation of cars into the country the more and much daily traffic we could be having.

2.Decreasing The Country Economy: His does much cars in the country decrease or contribute to country economy?, A country that has 20 thousands of cars in total are capable of maintaining it sources than the one with 20 millions of cars. If her country fuel price to be daily in cars is just 20 liters, the more cars increase in the state, the more it affects the economy and this becomes more different to handle.

3.Liability: Cars become a liability to a country when citizen adopt the habit of much cars importation into the country. liability comes in when the the cost of maintaining those cars is said to be a become a very high budget to either the country or the owner. Even to a company that has much cars, after all the year estimate, you will fine out that they are losing compare to the previous year.

And what has become liability to an individual or company seemed like a big budget lose to them. When thinking of others things, cars will also be included in the monthly budget and this seemed hard and becomes a terrible issues to maintain or handle than when having one car at a time.

I guess with the explanations and reasons above you can be able to see why Nigeria is listed among the top most used cars country in the in 2020

A country with the total digit of 206,139,589 is very capable of consuming more cars in transportations means than you may think. But some issues aligning with this is that, not all in the country are capable of having this (Car) but few who can afford it have at least 4 to 5 cars at a roll or time.

Thanks for going through this article “Why Is Nigeria Seen As The Most Used Cars Country In The World – See Reasons”.

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