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See Reasons Why borrowing Money is not advisable

See Reasons Why borrowing money is not advisable

See Reasons Why borrowing money is not advisable

Before we go deep in writing or analyzing this article, first of all we will like to explain to you the meaning of money and it values. “Money in my own opinion is the most needed or wanted material used in exchange of goods or services and to get all wills done”.

Before then we are agree that, in the world of today money answers many or thousands of prayers, because no matter your plans and decisions If not concluded with a lot cash, all you have scheduled or sketched with your jotter or mind is useless.

Why am I saying all this because, some plans later end up with borrowing of money or capital to start or fulfill plans. And this has lead many into becoming and enemy of each other’s in all aspects as you may think.

Although some has been able to come out of this issues successfully, while some have been caged into it because they couldn’t meet up with their plans and now, they have become the subject of debtors.

Owning money to either individuals or company is one of the greatest mistakes any human can make here on Earth, because you won’t enjoy your daily breath except you can fulfill your plans of paying back that money.

Some years back, I came across and individual whose properties where all taken away because he was unable to pay back the money he borrowed from the other, and he has nothing to do because they was a written agreement before he was given the loan.

Now what he suffered for many years to acquired or get was taken away within a tinkle of an eyes, now I hope you can see why borrowing of many is very bad. Not just that, currently as I am talking to you many are in hospital because of High Blood Pressure caused by thinking and a lots more.

To be sincere with you, not everyone fine happiness or joy in borrowing of money, but some are left with no good options than to borrow either to fulfill promises or for a survival. Now we have two of this options as well, if you are borrowing for a business is still considerable, but when borrowing for food or survival, how sure that you are going to pay it back within the given period.

I can remember few years ago, when I was tagged to a “Face Me I Face You House”, there is one of this neighbor who is used to borrowing of money for survival, and hardly or after then struggle all through to pay it back, then after paying he still goes on another hunt to borrow again, but unfortunately he came across one that landed him in seriously heart break,

He was given just one week to pay back, after that one week is over he started panicking because he used he television worth sixty thousand naira as a collateral.
In that very point, who do you expect to rescue you when everyone has he or her own problem.

Why am I saying all this story, is because am trying to let you know why borrowing of money from either individual or company is not advisable due to the penalty attached it.

Reasons Why You Should Borrow Money.
After analyzing the top tips, I believe you can understand my experience and why you shouldn’t borrow money. Now we are giving you reasons why you should never borrow money.

1.You Won’t Get Your Money Back:-
This is the main reasons most organizations refused giving out loans or never borrowed at all. The person you are give money to may fine it difficult to pay abs same time he will lose some valuables to outsider.
Now let assume you are the one who borrow money from someone, you will never have rest of mind until you pay it back, and the chance of you paying back is 50/50 because not all borrowed money can be paid.

2.You Won’t Be At Rest (Harmful):-
You can see why borrowing of money is not advisable to one, your mind won’t be at peace, where you are supposed to have a chill time with either your friends or family you will be busy working harder or thinking of how to pay debits or money of you have spent long time ago.
This has cursed a lots of damages and harm to human life. This mostly happen when what you used the money to invest has no good reputation or result to tender out.

3.Environment Restrictions:
Don’t imagine why we include “Environment Restrictions” to this, it’s a natural disasters happening every day even right now as you are reading this, it’s happening live somewhere in the world. In record of human being, once you are holding a particular person or group of company money, you won’t like them seeing you all the time, you restrict yourself from where you think or know they may come across you all time. Money that you borrowed for something else has now become a big time problem to you.

Freedom also has similar relationship with “Environment Restrictions”. When you own money to anyone or company, you are not totally free, because in you, you have the fear of losing your properties and that of the people you hold money seeing you always. Some just stay indoors or quit from their residents just to have rest of mind. Borrowing of money has never been easy with anyone, don’t involve.

5.Fear Of Losing Valuables
Now let me all analyze it clear to you when debtors are not always happy, they are not happy because after suffering for so many years, they have that fear that because they are debtors, what rightfully belongs to them will be taken away some day, most especially if the person or organizations they are dealing with are more superior than them in nature. They are always fill with the fears of losing properties and belongings, off curse nobody could be happy losing his long suffering because of him / her is a debtors. But once in this shoes, that means you have no choice.

In other to have your freedom, keep your self all time happy and without you having Environment Restrictions, fear of losing valuables things and properties, don’t be a victim of debt. Not everyone who found themselves in this categories has been able to go away with it or probably survival the weakness. Most high blood pressure today in the world are cursed by results of not fulfilling this promises and it landed many in death and coma.

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