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Real Men Don’t Cry When Their Women Leave Them, They Simply Look For Better Replacement- Reno Omokri

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has revealed that real men do not have to be brokenhearted when their partners forsake them.

According to Reno, men should build themselves up to the level that women rather miss them when they leave them.

He explained that there are various women out there who are better than the one who las left so instead of crying, you can use the time to search for a better person to fill the gap.

He wrote: If a good woman leaves you, that is not enough reason to cry. Think of it this way: If you have $3.5 billion, and you lose $1 dollar, would you cry? There are 3.5 billions other women on Earth. Many of them will also be good. Instead of crying, go and find another one! In fact, don’t go and find another one. Rather, go and find a better one.

Develop yourself to the extent that it is women that should cry at the thought of losing you. Stop chasing them. Go and chase success. By the time you have a good command of business, coupled with self control, and have made money your servant instead of your master, no good woman will leave you!

But when you are so clingy and needy, and always kowtowing to her, and professing love, and writing poems, and following her around like a puppy, you will make it impossible for her to respect you, and she will pack her kaya and look for a real man who knows that he is the head in the relationship.

See reactions gathered from fans

larry_prince_1: The truth and nothing but the truth, some men will always shy away from talks like this and some women of course always like to play the victim in matters like this but real men aren’t fooled, they can choose to be silent but they’re not fools.

son_of_god_amen_87: Why should a good woman leave u in d first place ? Smh

callmesdee: Woman de leave any man good or bad. But the thing is as a man be ready anytime. They leave, you move, if possible even before they leave. No matter the power and money you have a woman that wants to leave will leave.

off_white420: Omo! I wish it’s this easy to get a good woman.

afunima_wobe: My EX if you’re seeing this oma K ku ni ooo

edeh_d_don_1: The most funny men are still the men that cry over a woman. I’m thinking how will I cry over something that ain’t rare.

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