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My Friend And I (Relationship Tips / Friendship Goal)

My Friend And I (Relationship Tips / Friendship Goal)

My Friend And I (Relationship Tips / Friendship Goal)
In October 19 2018, a Nigerian man name Adebayo and his friend Chibuke, where announced in local wealth rate as the most successful and best friends who have been together.
This begins after Adabayo travel to the east party of Nigerian for a business which fetch him as a beginner about a hundred and fifty thousand naira then. A that point he came across east based business man as well Chibuke, they later found themselves cool to be with, but at first where all business partner.
After the Adabayo success business transaction with the company he hard deal with, he went ahead to looking for a short time rest, that’s where he get to meet Chibuke where they exchange contact abd started their friendship.
Although Chibuke is also a business man, but needed a company to travel round with and as well have a good time, coming across Adeboye who he think to his kind of person was a major dream set for him.
From this point, the began their success story, they started working hand to hand in their businesses even despite them not going same business, they passed on clients (customers) to each other’s.
Adebayo actually deals with distribution of building materials, but was having a limited connection, compare when both of them became friends and started taking a bolder steps forward which later meet up to their very needs.
Chibuke business was mainly in food distribution as well, but has not travel out of his state to make a supply before unlike Adebayo.
As their relationship where going smoothly & Successfully, they started visiting each other family to ask or know how they can improve things about themselves.
Adeboye first visit to Chibuke house made him got a well and huge connection, meet Chibuke uncle who has been in London for year’s now and coming back with the intention of build his own house, this was disclosed at a family meeting ground which Adebayo was also present.
The uncle identify as Ikechukwu comes up with the with this discussion which everyone in the family agree with him, after the discussion where done, Chibuke further disclosed to the uncle about his friend Adebayo and his kind of work.
It was settle that, as far as Adebayo is a closed friend of Chibuke, he should carry out the supply of the building material, and they project was to take place in just a few week’s time.
The love and their friendship, became a stronger pillar to rely on, not also that, they are as well gradually becoming a successful people in their various business.
After Adebayo visit to Chibuke house, meeting his uncle and getting a contract from him, he feels amazed and also took Chibuke to his family house in Ogun State where the both have fun and also introduce Chibuke to his family.
Chibuke as well got a business deal from Adebayo family friend Mr Okunade who owns a fast food joint in Lagos state, after much well introduction, Mr Okunade has asked Chibuke to be his official food supplier, a deal worth millions of naira and it a continue process.
Adebayo and Chibuke jet out for a celebration, they get to discussed and thank each other.
Adebayo:- Assuming we have known for long, our lives could have been more better than this, I so much appreciate the kind of person that you are, everything you have done, you are more than a brother to me now, you give me a huge better hope with all your advice and support.
I can boost in and anywhere as a business man now, all you have done is much and more to be thankful for.
 This is what we call a brother hood, the better way stay together, the more we achieve greet things as well together, well I want to make it a surprise to you, am officially opening my hotel business in three months time, as my brother and motivator am telling you first before my family.
Chibuke:- Hmmm am speechless brother, I never knew we still have your kind person, you motivate my world, you thought me the meaning of life and how to make business expansion, all I know before was just a minor business and receiving change thinking am a business man not knowing am lacking far behind untill I get to meet you.
Congratulations for your hotel business, it such a great mind and move of Investment, I just pray we will be among the top richest soon even if it in a local chat, a least we have comes along way doing this together.
I also want to inform you that, i have established other businesses as well, I am now the proud owner of a fast food business in my home town, and as well a mighty luxurious hotel too in abuja.
Sorry for copying your business, but it not in same local I guess, they both laugh in happiness. Br man please 2 more bottles of champagne, let our celebration continues.
The part of the story could continue other day… But before leaving you, let you briefly tell you what I myself observe in this page or today’s story.
It very hard meeting someone of your choice, but if you come across one, hold them tights, despite it gender be it male or female.
Adebayo and Chibuke, only meet outside their house or home, but at a point gradually and eventually, they became a family sharing and introducing each other’s business to clients.
The very best part of the story is, they both become wealth and where listed among the local chat of richest business men in the state.
That was just like a dream to them, but it actually a reality and thing’s where moving the way they all wanted, in the next chapter of the story, i will tell you people how this men success grew very faster, but for now, byeee, thank you for reading through.

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