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Business Tips And why you should invest in Real Estate in Nigeria

Business Tips And why you should invest in Real Estate in Nigeria

Business Tips And why you should invest in Real Estate in Nigeria

Before you proceed into “Real Estate” first thing is seek to know why you must go into it, this is a business that need more focus, attentions and conditions to make it.
Now in real estate business, there are different categories or types of which you can benefit from depending on your hard working. To be sincere this business has turned many into Millions while some are still struggling through the lane to make it through as well.

Giving some examples and with my experiences, Lagos is currently one of the highest land selling state in Nigeria with the lower cost of 1.5 million with mainly location point at new Dangote Refinery in ibeju Lekki Lagos.

That’s because of the distance, the closer the land is to City the more costly it will become. Some are tend to be adding five hundred thousand naira every six so months while some down for a promo price of just seven hundred thousand naira.

In Nigeria, mostly lagos where land is very expensive is one of the cool City you can become a billionaire within the period of just 5 years by investing in real estate business. Let just assume that, within the period of 1 year you have you where able the aquire the some of five hundred million

naira as your total money, now after driving away your capital you have about 2 hundred and fifty million naira are your gain and you continue with this process for at least 5 years without backing up, that means automatically you among the billionaires group in the business line.

Mind you, your thing always won’t be your profit in the business only but how your customers or patronizers are sees your business. Although land is not a failed business if I may say but not everyone may want to go your distance to buy from you, how do you convince them to buy from you is one of the though line we could discuss now.

How To Convince A Customer To Buy From You.

1. Explanations:
In this part, agents are the ones responsible in this branches, although as the company CEO you can also go on with your own ways of convincing people to buy from you, but I think agent have this category.

After you have invest in this business by acquiring the land directly from the government with your valid certificate, you are now ready to give it at maybe two times of the amount you bought it, what are you going to do, you bring in someone or people who will help act as a third-party by telling people about your products, not only telling them, by giving a better explanations about that land that will convince a customer to say okay I want to buy from you.

2. Start With A Cheaper Rate of your selling.

This is a competitive business having have of the young people today as business partner, how you over others to sell your products matters a lots. Promo is one the key point you can use in selling out faster than others competing with you. Do what many others don’t do, give out distance for your selling, give people the reasons to buy from you and don’t miss out of one customers with huge prices because one customers brings another.

3.Give A Neighbor Location;

What is neighbor, (Neighbor are those companies, Estates or industries who are closer to your business spots.
When advertising a products, try to give the person’s or company the condition of the place you are introducing them to, tell them where your products is located is very safe that no harm occurs around that environment.

Everyone cares about health and life, a lots of people hate buying or doing business close to a place where Industries are because of the danger and life protection is one of best and first value of any human.

With this 3 given details together with your own ideas you can win the heart of your customers.

Where And Why You Should Advertise Your land products to the masses.

Every business need advertising and land or real estate is not an exception of this, because it also a business that need good viral for people to know about it.
What is advertising or advertisement, let me use my own form of definition,

Advertising or advertisement is the act or process in which a company or individual showcases their products or services to the consumers.

After Reading this little giving article you will be why you should buy, invest or go into real estate business either as the CEO of agent’s who bring in people for cool business.

Even if my writing up doesn’t entise you to go into real estate business, you can be a per taker by buying even a plot of it just for a feature purpose. In Nigeria as goes before 2030 that’s my own prediction, land will be more expensive than it is now, this is because the rate of people, buying, investing or going into this business are now large compare to the last five Year of it..

When we talk about youth’s empowerment, is not just opportunity to work or live good but the opportunity to eradicate poverty through real estate and land investments.

I can remember vividly in 2008 when a plot of land in awoyaya was just fifty thousand naira, the same plot and size today is sold for the sum of millions naira and above. This means if you can invest in this business now with the sum of 10 Million Naira in the nearest generation to come, off course new generation will surely come, you or your children will be entitle to one of the Nigerian landlord or houses owner in Nigeria.

People are buying that’s why we are having a high rate of it, it a business that benefit mostly the future of our children.

Thank you for reading,i hope you can now know the reasons why you should invest in real estate either buying and selling by land or building or buying a plot for your children to per take in the future.

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