65 Motivational Quotes Mostly Used By Nigeria Yahoo Boys.

65 Motivational Quotes Mostly Used By Yahoo Boys.
65 Motivational Quotes Mostly Used By Yahoo Boys.

65 Motivational Quotes Mostly Used By Yahoo Boys, is been lay down here on 042jam Media Just for fun sake.

First I will like you to understand that, the name Yahoo has never mean something tarnishing, butt misused of the name by some individuals has made people to understand that it simply means scamming.

A Yahoo mail represent a mailing format used in distribution of random messages just like your Email, it mostly shares informations that only you can have access to.

This day’s many people involved in an online business that is unknown or seen, then those who tends to criticize them mostly called it Yahoo, that’s why the name”Yahoo Boy” has been widely recognized.

The below quotes are mostly used by those set it online business dealers with a delay payment to motivate themselves, while awaiting the fruitful days or day.

65 Motivational Quotes Mostly Used By Yahoo Boys.

(1) Battery wey full go still low, battery wey low go still full, our prayer be say make our charger no spoil

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(2) Congratulations go reach everybody. If God bless you, no loose guard your blood.

(3) Traffic wey dey vex driver na him dey give gala seller joy, no dey whine grace

(4) Rain wey beat us today go wash our Benz tomorrow

(5) Who no show you road no suppose know your location

(6) The dog wey dey wait for the fattest bone don die of hunger aje, wise up and make this mula cause no one knows tomorrow. Investor iTunes card says so.

(7) Na person wey follow me fetch water go follow me bath

(8) Respect Who Get But Fear Who Never Collect

(9) When dey say hustle hard , e no be by strength cause even Dangote no fit lift one bag of cement

(10) Person wey dey find money no dey off data

(11) Na Who Stay Awake Dey Collect

(12) Who sweep wey no pack go sweep again when breeze blow.

(13) Who first buy car na him buy old model

(14) Trust no dey the street if not water no go dey cook fish, no loose guard

(15) We dey drink garri no mean say fried rice no dey fridge

(16) Your indomie quick done no mean say who dey cook beans lazy.

(17) Hot water wey dey make egg strong na him dey make yam soft, be humble.

(18) Oluwa if na butter dey delay my this bread send am like that I get beans

(19) Iroko tree say when them cut am no be axe na em pain but say the handle of the axe na wood

(20) Person wey no follow me dig for gold no go follow me chop my golden morn

(21) Make your gen no loud pass your cash out

(22) Eye wey no see sleep go see slips

(23) Just wanna make mama proud

(24) Drink your garri with salt make person no carry sugar give you say na him feed you

(25) Work like the first man so that you can be the genesis, lazy man na brokeness be him nemesis

(26) Who sleep, who no sleep, e no concern grace.

(27) Na person wey send you update be your blood

(28) Person wey dey manage with you fit buy your papa house. Humble yourself.

(29) Today we no see bread chop, tomorrow we go buy bakery. Iyanu ma shele soonest.

(30) White lives matter too, make them no go kill person client for riot. E Get Why.

(31) I owe it to God and my mama

(32) As far as dice still dey roll, omo iya mi don’t stop believing

(33) Follow who know road

(34) Cashapp available, Motiwa online oya paste your aza

(35) No be everybody be your blood, je ki ori e pe

(36) Because we dey trek no mean say we no get Benz for house

(37) You dey avoid me because am broke ba? shey you don forget say I still get phone and my data never finish

(38) Na girlfriend wey calm down go enjoy

(39) Hustle go pay

(40) Postpaid verizon CC-10 points to Gryffindor

(41) Learn how to stay on your own, na cartel kill Jesus

(42) Iyanu Mashele soonest, on God

(43) No go dey compete with who suppose show you road

(44) Hustle make your babe no use sticker cover your face for picture

(45) You shenk me but I go rise

(46) If Water no reach you bath, use am wash your face

(47) Person wey follow me drink garri today go follow me chop burger tomorrow. Iyanu Mashele soonest.

(48) Sun wey beat me today go dry my Gucci jeans tomorrow.

(49) All man for himself no mean say make you no help your guy

(50) Your new lifestyle na another person throwback. Omo iya mi stay humble.

(51) Who no wear cloth no dey put hand inside pocket

(52) Anybody fit be golden boy

(53) Who get 10k by 11pm fit be millionaire by 12am. Tomorrow get belle.

(54) Code Yourself cause some niggas get money pass your client

(55) Ji masun, make them no carry your babe for tinted glass pass you

(56) God no go shame us Aje!

(57) No throway your garri because your neighbour dey cook rice. Him gas fit finish

(58) The street no dey smile, hustle make your charger no first you blow

(59) Follow who know road but no go looseguard your transport fare

(60) I’m awake! paste your drops

(61) Never forget the finger that fed you

(62) Ji masun! Na I go do am later na him make fowl no fit fly like other birds

(63) Person wey work for night go chop for morning

(64) I wan learn work, I wan learn work, 11pm Baba don sleep

(65) This life na setup

65 Motivational Quotes Mostly Used By Yahoo Boys.

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