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5 popular music genres in Nigeria

5 popular music genres in Nigeria

Listening to music makes life better. By immersing yourself in some catchy beats and impressive lyrics, you add more excitement to your daily life. With the impact it has on everyday life, many people have grown fond of listening to music to make their activities more enjoyable.

One of the reasons why music became a huge part of everyone’s lives is that there is a genre that caters to every individual’s preference. Love for music is one common ground that people from different countries have in common. In fact, each country has its preferred genres that are widely adored by its people.

In Nigeria, several artists produce their music in their own styles. As a music-loving nation, people appreciate the variety of genres and how each one sounds unique. Nigerians love listening to music while doing their daily activities or playing in a crypto casino for Nigerians. . With that, here is a closer look at some of the most popular genres in the country.
Afrobeat is one of Nigeria’s most popular genres. This is characterized by a mix of jazz, highlife, and funk with live instruments as a fundamental component of the sound.

Though this genre may have originated from Ghana, it was popularized by the late Fela Kuti upon his return to Nigeria from the West Coast in 1967. Fela’s legacy, together with the efforts of his sons and the acceptance of the global audience, has ensured that the genre remains highly appealing throughout the years.
Hip-hop became a huge part of Nigeria’s music industry because of their huge interest in listening to impressive lyrics. The eclectic sound of this genre made it even more popular in the country as it captures the Nigerians’ festive energy.

Quite similar to traditional hip-hop music, dissing in the lyrics of hip-hop music is just as popular in the country. With the competitive nature of hip-hop, the first generation of Nigerian hip-hop artists built their reputation through competitions. Now, the genre has been a massive part of their culture and it continues to top the charts and dominate the music industry.
Wobe music
Wobe’s sound is essentially a hybrid of South African House and Gqom music. It’s a hybrid sound that emphasizes heavy drumming as its main distinguishing trait.

In this genre, the melody isn’t stressed because it is significantly discouraged. Rather, the singer or the rapper that sings with few English words. Some of the most popular artists of this genre include Small Doctor and Lil Kesh.
Shaku shaku
Shaku shaku began as a simple dance music and has evolved into its own genre, complete with a pattern, kick, and style. The Agege-inspired sound first surfaced in late 2017 and has evolved to become the most sampled genre of 2018.

To perform this dance, people would have to cross their arms in front of each other at the wrist, widen their legs slightly, and launch into a graceful half-gallop. This dance involves a lot of footwork even though it is largely freestyle.
Apala music is characterized by pitched-up vocals sung in Yoruba, as well as the Agidigbo (a thumb piano) and layered percussion. The genre arose as a form of cultural protest against the British Empire’s colonial authority over Nigeria, which lasted from 1901 to 1960.

These are just some of the interesting music genres that people can listen to whenever they play in a crypto casino for Nigerians. Also, it is by listening to these popular Nigerian genres that people can further appreciate the beauty of their culture that is reflected through their music!

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