26 Nigerian Pigin English Quotes You Should Know.

26 Nigerian Pigin English Quotes You Should Know.
26 Nigerian Pigin English Quotes You Should Know.

26 Nigerian Pigin English Quotes You Should Know, Available Here On 042jam Media Just For You.

Nigerian is one of the most interesting country in the universe, a lots of incredible things happens daily in the state, to keep you cool and entertain, we have this super qoutes here for you.

The quotes is coming from but general speaking and some made by our celebrities which have actually becomes the talk of the town.

The quotes is actually coming from the Nigerian top celebrities like, Ubreezy Abobi, Erigga, Samklef, Burna-boy and more as you can see below!

26 Nigerian Pigin English Quotes You Should Know.

Penis Way Pill, Show Say Match Just Begin – Ubreezy Abobi

Na Small Sweat Fit Make Woman Nyash Smell – Ubreezy Abobi

Village wey lion na barber, goat supposed the grow afro – Erigga

Pastor wen dey pray for mad pesin no dey close eye. – Pidgin Sayings

I no be your mate. Na im make slippers get size.

Pidgin Sayings

Na economy recession make teacher use ruler dey measure yam. – Pidgin Sayings

Jollof Rice wey dey for bottom of pot today go dey for top of cooler tomorrow. – Pidgin Sayings

Na see finish dey turn good morning to howfa. – Pidgin Sayings

Na from clap dem dey enter dance. – Pidgin Sayings

One day, breeze go blow and fowl yansh go open. – Pidgin Sayings

Man wey dey naked no dey put hand for pocket. – Pidgin Sayings

Wetin dey hot dey cold…no rush life. – Patoranking

Person wey 2 dey sleep na poverty go hit am. -Samklef

Dangote, Dangote, Dangote still dey find money o. – Burna Boy

Na for film I dey do money ritual, it’s not real. – Yul Edochie

There are no rules to living ones life. So far say You no disturb anybody – Reekado Banks

Dem no dey tell deaf man say war don start. – Pidgin Sayings

If you no get money, no hide your face. Show your face make somebody help you – Chinedu Ikedieze

Because of those wey never make am today na why tomorrow day – Dotman

Loyalty wey never see money, fear am O – Dotman


Na person wey never see problem dey use English dey pray. – Pidgin Sayings

Na cooperation dey make rice full pot. – Pidgin Sayings

Wetin concern bicycle with fuel scarcity – Pidgin Sayings

Escort me, Escort me, na so slave trade take start. – Pidgin Sayings

Na over confidence make February no complete. – Pidgin Sayings

know who I am?…Na so hold up take dey start. – Pidgin Sayings

No matter how Lizard do press-up reach, e no fit get muscle pass Crocodile. – Pidgin Sayings

Goat wen get mind follow lion go catch fish, make e know say weda dem catch fish or not, Lion food don set. – Pidgin Sayings

Wetin concern dog wit family planning? – Pidgin Sayings

This one good, this one good na im mad man take dey gather plenty load. – Pidgin Sayings

Pikin wey go strong go strong… No be until dem name am Samson. – Pidgin Sayings

It’s a small world. No mean say you go trek from Naija go London. – Pidgin Sayings

Pesin nor dey use shame chop winch. – PidginSayings

Pikin wey no sabi medecine dey call vegetable.
Pidgin Sayings

Make I chop this guy money, Make I chop this guy money, Na so ashawo dey take start. – Pidgin Sayings

Say Lion dey sick, no mean say im wit cat na mate. – Pidgin Sayings


E go beta, e go beta, na im make camel still dey carry load. – Pidgin Sayings

Na I go do am later, na im make fowl no fly like other birds. – Pidgin Sayings

Na determination dey make Okada dey overtake Trailer for road. – Pidgin Sayings

I fell off after my first album now am back again. I no go let dem gimme first attack again. – Olamide

I get am before no be property. – Pidgin Sayings

Every mallam with im own kettle, every aboki with im own radio. – Pidgin Sayings

Feel at home, feel at home na im dey make visitor dey spoil remote. – Pidgin Sayings

Poor man no dey siddon for front bench for village meeting. – Pidgin Sayings

Leave matter for Mathias and Sabi for Sabinus. – Pidgin Sayings

Fly wey no dey hear word dey follow dead body enter grave. – Pidgin Sayings


No matter how tall Okra grow e no fit tall pass im owner. – Pidgin Sayings

E don tey wey yansh dey for back. – Pidgin Sayings

Cunny man die, cunny man bury am. – Pidgin Sayings

Pesin wey borrow cloth go party, no dey dance too much. – Pidgin Sayings

Weda yansh face east or west, na still back e go dey. – Pidgin Sayings

No matter how hot your tempa be,e no fit boil beans. – Pidgin Sayings

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