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15 Nigerian Celebrities Who Look So Much Like Their Mother

15 Nigerian Celebrities Who Look So Much Like Their Mother

Genetics are very interesting, not just to me, but to everybody. We love to see resemblances between parents and their kids, between brothers and sisters. It’s so interesting how when some people give birth, they literally give birth to themselves all over again. Sometimes, their children come out looking like spitting images of themselves, or just very alike to them.

Today we’ll be counting down 15 Nigerian celebrities who just so happen to look so much like their mothers. Are you ready to see who we have on the list today? Then let’s go!

1. Maria Chike Benjamin

Maria Chike Benjamin

Big Brother Naija contestant, media personality, and Instagram influencer, Maria Chike Benjamin is the first celebrity on today’s list. The media personality shares a very striking resemblance to her mother, and this was most evident when she this week shared side to side studio pictures with her mother. The resemblance is uncanny.

2. Tems


Another Nigerian singer who looks so much like her mother is the woman of the hour, Tems. Tems’ mother is famous in her own right, as she was the woman who was famously on a Royco television advert many years ago. Together, especially when they stand side by side, the resemblance between Tems and her mother is unmistakable. You can tell immediately by looking at mother and daughter that there is definitely a familial relationship there.

3. Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels

Actress Regina Daniels and her mother Rita Daniels also share an uncanny resemblance. Seeing both of them, Regina looks like a younger version of Rita while Rita looks like an older version of Regina, the resemblance is just so uncanny!

4. Simi


Another Nigerian singer who certainly looks a lot like her mother is Nigerian singer, Simi. Simi and her mother share a lot of similar features. Even just facially alone, the two standing side by side, it is unmistakable that Simi is born from her mother. The two’s resemblance is undeniable.

5. Destiny Etiko

Destiny Etiko

Another celebrity on today’s list is actress Destiny Etiko who bares a striking resemblance to her mother. The two share similar features and just by looking at both of them, it is so evident that these two are mother and daughter unmistakably.

6. Mayorkun


Mayorkun is another celebrity who looks very much like his mother. His mother, Toyin Adewale is a Nollywood actress and when you look at the both of them, mother and son, it is undeniable the similarity between the two. From the dimples on their cheeks to the way their facial features match, it is undeniable that Mayorkun and his mother are cut from the same cloth.

7. Erica Nlewedim

Erica Nlewedim

Erica and her mother share a close relationship which she has been very vocal about. From looking at a picture of both women, it becomes evident that even beyond just an emotional relationship, the two also share a very physical relationship in terms of how they look. Erica is a mirror image of her mother.

8. Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji

Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, is yet another celebrity who bares such an uncanny resemblance to her mother. Linda is a spitting image of her mother, and just by looking at Linda’s mother, you get a good image of how Linda is to look in coming years. She has nothing to worry about, the genes are very good!

9. Daniella Okeke

Daniella Okeke

Daniella Okeke doesn’t post too much about her family online but when one day the Nollywood actress decided to post pictures of herself with her mother, fans were very quick to point out the striking similarity between the two women. From their smile to the way they pose to even the way they laugh, the similarity between these two women is very uncanny and very unmistakable.

10. Anto


When Anto shared a picture standing side to side beside her mother, fans couldn’t help but notice the similarity between both women. Anto is definitely a very close carbon copy of her mother. Both women share a lot of the same features and are unmistakably related.

11. Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh

There’s no way to compile a list like this without mentioning the resemblance between Tonto Dikeh and her mother. Even though Tonto lost her mother when she was only 3 years old, she still remembers the little time they shared fondly. One day, she took to social media to celebrate her mother and when she posted the picture of her mom, fans couldn’t help but wonder if Tonto was a re-incarnate of her mother. The two look almost exactly the same.

12. Veeiye


When Veeiye took to social media to share a picture of her mother, fans couldn’t help but marvel at how similarly she looks to her mother. The two women are definitely cut from the same cloth.

13. Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade

Nigerian singer Yemi Alade very rarely posts pictures of her family online. So, when she posted this picture of her mother, people were surprised, but even more surprising was how much like her mother Yemi looks. Yemi and her mother are definitely cut from the same cloth. The mother/daughter relationship is definitely clear.

14. Nengi Hampson

Nengi Hampson

Nengi and her mother share similar looks when it comes especially to their features. Complexion wise, both women are on opposite sides of the scale, but when you look at Nengi and then you look at her mother, it is so apparent that they share a mother-daughter relationship because they look so much alike.

15. Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy shares an uncanny resemblance with her mother. Like, once you see Don Jazzy’s mother, you immediately know that that is the woman who gave birth to him. The resemblaance between mother and son is definitely very present.

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