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10 Popuarly States In Nigeria And Their Sources Of Revenue.

10 Popuarly States In Nigeria And Their Sources Of Revenue.

10 Popuarly States In Nigeria And Their Sources Of Revenue.

In Nigeria, we have 36 states in total and each of those state has their revenue flows or how they get there income.
On this new article about states, we could possibly learn about how those states operates, their ways in which they get their revenue, probably foods what Will serve as an addition to our write up.
The 36 states of Nigeria has one thing in common which is foods, but what we are actually looking at is their sources of revenue and how citizens benefits from those things.
Although we won’t be talking about the whole 36 states, but just 10 or we may likely extend our teaching across to help people who don’t know much about this states understand what they are into.
Each of this 36 states in Nigeria, have their means or has ways of getting revenue from different sources,  some of this includes, foods items, Red oil, Gas, Crude oil, clothing and, transportations and so on.
First I we personally like to add to the chat, the numbers of citizen in the states since census and before the census. Nigeria is very large, even some states in Nigeria has same large quality to some Africans countries.
Before we reach down to some of the states that will be listing, the country Nigeria is located in the west part of the world, with the total population of 211,400,708 as of 2021.
Now we can start to analyze or go through the figure or numbers of people in each state, their revenue, popularity and so on as we aligned gradually below.
Remember this states has a huge numbers of occupants and to be able to deal with this, we have to break it down for everyone To understand.
10 Popuarly States In Nigeria And Their Sources Of Revenue.
1. Lagos State
Lagos state is the most popular state in Nigeria with huge fame because of the activities which has been on the state even after some of this activities where moved to other’s states.
It has the total population of 14,862,000, currently in 2021, mainly occupied by foreigners and different people of different states and countries.
Lagos state is a business ground for everyone, the population do rises yearly, the state income comes mostly from the task which is been paid by the occupants and more business owners.
2. Abuja
Abuja is the heart or capital city of Nigeria, the state is mainly occupied by business individuals and politician’s, it has the total population of 3,464,000, the state was declared capital territory in 12 December 1991 after been moved from ikeja Lagos Nigeria.
In Nigeria, it the second popular place after lagos state, the name gained massive popular after some activities going on in the state, it very protective because that’s where the presidential villa is built.
Abuja revenue mostly comes from political activities, the state has less jobs offers except business and politics, that’s where it revenue come mostly from.
3. Kastina State
It very possible kastina population is more than that of lagos and Abuja, but Lagos and Abuja lead first because of the fame and the activities hold on the state.
Kastina state is best located at the North Party of Nigeria, they based on farming, this help them to have a huge harvest of foods stocks.
The state total population which is currently recorded online shows, the state has about 5,801,584, although maybe the page hasn’t been updated, but this is the current status of the state.
4. Kano State
In Nigeria, the state that has much and high rate of population is Kano State, it best located in the north with the total of 9,401,288 population recorded online.
The state is also a farm state, harvest of food stuck and been occupied by Nigerian politician’s from those states as well.
The revenue is mostly gotten from farming too and a meeting ground for some ongoing political meet.
5. Niger Delta State
The state is as best known widely, because it involved in production of oil, having the great giant heart of Nigeria, most of the oil in the country is coming all the way from Niger Delta area.
Niger Delta state revenue is basically from the oil, the state has a distribution Pipe that leads to others state with an agreement from it government.
6. Borno
The state became popular due to bomb and terrorist attack on the state, leading to many life lost which has made the state known and hit massive population.
Right now, I can’t really tell their out come or revenue, because the state hasn’t been in good condition for a long time due to it terrorist attack and others harmful activities in there, but in terms of fame, the state has it peck.
7. Benue
They are popular because of their status in farming, they are mostly known for huge harvest of food Items like Yam.
Benue is best known for the slogan as the “food basket of the nation” due to their massive production of food, I can assure you that, Benue gained most development income from their food items production.
8. Anambra
The are known for high charges in marriages, their list of marriage made them popular and rank high top states in Nigeria.
Not that all, Anambra state are one of the best in Nigeria in terms of business and this follows among what made them popular in the country.
9. Cross River
The state capital is in calabar, they are best known for eating of dog meat, and majority of this people are into politics adding to the state development status which made them rank wide in the country among others state.
Apart from the above status of the state, Cross River have good patch of making red oil, the people of the state are hard working and do all they can in terms of oiling and farming.
10. Abia
This is another part of the country, a state with high competition rate, it has similar character to Anambra state, they are both using same method in almost all aspects of their culture and doings.
Thank you for your time, the few knowledge here gives you things you should know about this 10 state in Nigeria, we may meet up to your expectations in this article, hit we will include the rest states in our next write up.

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